Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Blue Light (Reported by an Anonymous Family Friend)

I know the house that Rebecca grew up in. I had known her and her brothers since we were little kids. We lived in the same neighborhood for years. When the family moved to the old home place miles away it did not stop the friendship and the house kind of became my second home. I know well the strange goings-on there and have heard the rocking (from an unoccupied rocking chair) up stairs when no one could possibly be there.

The series of events I am about to describe did not happen in the house but just outside. Everything I am about to write happened over 30 years ago. I might be a bit fuzzy on the details but the events truly happened.

It started late on a Sunday evening, 10 miles away, when my brother asked if he could borrow my car. He wanted to take a female friend of his to where she was staying, just a few miles away from Rebecca's home. I said okay and at about 11:00 pm he left.

The next morning I got in the car to go to work. It was during a gas crisis and the price was skyrocketing. I had wrote the mileage on the car down before he left as he said he would pay for the gas he used. What was confusing was that the miles driven on the car and the distance he had to travel to complete his journey did not add up. It seemed like at least 7 miles was missing.

I asked him that evening if he had gone to her house and back. He said "Yes, where else would I be that time of night?" thinking I was going to ask for more money than he really owed. I replied that it wasn't that, it was the fact that there weren’t enough miles on the car. He assured me he traveled there and back. He also mentioned that he did not remember the drive home chalking it up to what happens while driving a familiar road and not remembering the last couple of miles you just drove. I did not think any more of it until a week later.

The next Saturday night we were next door to Rebecca's house at her brother's playing cards as we often did. We all had girlfriends and partners and still spent a lot of our free time there and at Rebecca's as her mother was like a second Mom to us all.

The conversation was flowing freely when her brother's partner started saying about not sleeping well the previous Sunday night. She related how she was awake when the bedroom started filling with a blue glow from outside. Not knowing what it was she got up and by the time she looked out the window she saw a blue glow in the sky, towards the house heading along the coast towards the beaches. It was about 2:00 am she said.

Ufo's were a big thing at the time and we had all seen something at one time or other that was strange but nothing quite like what she described. We talked about it for a while longer and the conversation when on to other things as it does.

The next day my partner and I went to Rebecca’s' house to meet up with her brother and go to the beach. We always paid our respects to Rebecca's Grandmother who lived with the family. She would be in the sitting room, by the window in her chair. She always had a story to tell and this day she had quite a story indeed.

After hugs and kisses by all she looked at us and said to Rebecca's brother “I saw something strange last Sunday night when I got up to go to the bathroom; did you see it too?" She went on to say that when she came out of her bedroom, just off of the sitting room, she saw a bright blue light coming towards the house. She said that it lit up the sitting room so brightly that she could see that it was 5 minutes to 2 on the clock (the exact same time Rebecca's brother's partner saw the same). "It went right over the house. I went into the kitchen and it was heading towards the ocean. The whole field was lit up." Well you could have heard a pin drop.

The conversation became about what was seen by both on the same night. I mentioned that my brother would have been in the same area at the same time and that there were miles missing from the car. Rebecca's brother joked that he was probably abducted by aliens. We all laughed except that ever since my brother has never been the same.

I said that day that he had been acting a bit weird that week but that I had attributed it to girlfriend problems. What has happened between him and the rest of my family since is nothing short of bizarre. But that is another story.

~A Friend of the Family

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