Sunday, April 6, 2014

Strange Picture (taken at my mother's house)

By this time, most people who read this blog know about the paranormal conditions at my mother's house. The picture we are going to discuss today was taken there by me a few months ago. I don't think anything unusual had been going on in the house during that time. I sometimes just snap a few pictures for later examination and this happens to be one of them that made me go, "Whoa, now what is that?"

Clearly, you can see a white blobby thing in the chair to the right. There are several reasons why I think this is a significant photo and could be spirit-related.

1. Ectoplasm ( a physical manifestation of a ghost/spirit) can appear opaque in photographs. It is common for it to show up in photos but is hard to see with the naked eye.

2. It is all over the chair as if it is "sitting" there. That small brown square thing is actually part of the wooden armrest on the chair and the blobby white thing is all around it. Imagine yourself sitting there with your arm dangling around the arm rest. The way it goes down into the carpet is also interesting.

3. No, no, no it is not a reflection from the window on the other side of the room. Have you ever in your life seen a reflection look like that?

4. No one else was in the room with me when I took the picture. No one was in there blowing cigarette smoke around. There was no fire in the adjacent stove so it is not wood smoke or obviously we would have called the fire department. So you can toss those explanations out the window. And while we're at it, it was not caused by "the wind" ( my all time favorite skeptic-explanation for anything weird or unusual).

So there you have it. A little more compelling evidence to mull over. I can't explain it, you can't explain it and we'll probably never know for sure but I'm going with GHOST.

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  1. hey rebecca. i live in NS and want to go somewhere to experience something paranormal this summer. where do you suggest? you can reply to me here too: THANKS