Sunday, August 28, 2011

Phantom Cars

How would you like to be sitting inside a perfectly good house, hear a car drive up outside, doors shutting, people talking and when you look out, there isn't anyone there?

It's a little disturbing.

This has happened at my mother's house several times, and there has usually been more than one witness. No alcohol or drugs were involved so you can cross that explanation off your list.

One of my brothers heard this while staying at the house alone a few years ago. Three times he heard the car, the doors, the people.....three times he looked outside and nothing was there. I will leave out the part where he became so frightened he got in his own car and left....but too bad I can't mention that because it emphasizes how unnerving the incident was. We are talking about a man who doesn't believe in a whole lot of paranormal stuff---unless he experiences it for himself.

Myself and my ex-husband were in the bathroom of that house together one day. No one else was home at the time. The bathroom window faces the driveway and when you take into account the lack of insulation and original 1800-era windows, it is safe to say you can clearly hear anything that is going on outside.

So we were in the bathroom getting ready to go out somewhere when we heard a car drive up. I became immediately annoyed because I didn't want visitors---we were trying to go someplace.
I looked out the bathroom window but couldn't see a car. We could hear it..the tires crunching on the ground. Then we could hear doors closing and people talking. We proceeded into the kitchen and out onto the doorstep but no one was car.

My son and I also heard it about 2 years ago. We were upstairs in the house cleaning out the large walk-in attic when we heard a car drive up. I was buried under boxes so I asked Scott to go to the window to see who had driven up. He claimed it was no one. I didn't believe him so I managed to crawl out and look for myself. Again no one was there.

I have also heard the phantom car while staying there by myself...but hey---who's gonna believe that? I also heard a horse clomping around and making horse noises near the front doorstep one summer day, but naturally, there was no horse to be found.

Thank God for witnesses.

Secretly, I love the phantom car!

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  1. Just so long as the human suited guy doesn't appear again!!

  2. I hope I never lay eyes on anything like that ever again!