Thursday, January 14, 2016

What's scarier than an old dark attic? A pantry, of course!

There have been a couple of sightings of apparitions and an unusual phone call to report on, in addition to the almost-daily happenings of locked doors becoming unlocked, objects disappearing and the usual bangs and knocks and unexplained noises.

I have not written about these in the last little while because they have become very mainstream within the last bunch of months and I would be writing blog entries non-stop. Trust me when I say the activity is pretty much constantly active.

Sighting # 1 of 2016: Around the first of January of this year, my son and some other family members were having a spirited conversation about my father (who has been deceased for many years). They were hanging out in the kitchen. Immediately in the pantry, directly off the kitchen, he spotted a very tall, very dark shadow. It was there for a few seconds. Then gone. No one else saw it but he definitely did.

It also entirely possible that the deceased father in question called the house on the anniversary of his death in December. My son and mother had been having a discussion about him when the phone rang but there was no response to several “Hello’s”’ This is just a theory but would not surprise anyone who has spent time in that house. There have been a few phone calls like this over the years. Reflecting on this, I always think if it was a spirit, why don’t they just say something into the phone? (and we think my dead grandmother may have done just that one time but I digress….) Then again, I never get phone calls where there is just dead air. Lucky me…I always have a telemarketer on the end of my calls. So I am not convinced it is normal telephone activity to pick up a phone when it rings and no one say anything.

Sighting #2 of 2016: Shortly around the time of the above-mentioned sighting, there was another one. This time my mother clearly saw a little girl standing in the pantry. She was young, maybe five with blond hair. She was not transparent and she was wearing a little gingham dress and just standing there plain as day. A young girl did die in the house back in the 1800’s or thereabout, so it may have been her. The apparition lasted a few seconds and then was gone.

The pantry has become a very active area over the last little while. In addition to the ghosts being seen in there lately, there is a door in there that leads to a dark wet cellar. That door has been known to have lots of thumps and bangs on it when there is technically nothing to thump and bang on it. Why the pantry, you ask? Who knows, but there always seems to be baked goods in there so seems like a good place to me.

Lastly, there was an incident where some dishes on a shelf in the dining room somehow managed to get to the floor by themselves (???) and my son’s favorite sneakers seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth into the great beyond. Those don’t seem to be coming back after repeated requests. He has new sneakers and the ghosts have been warned to keep their paws off. Replacing sneakers could get expensive.

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