Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Phantom Car Strikes Again

One night not long ago in the little community that this house stands in, there was another possible experience involving the phantom car. If you have not read about the phantom car occurrences at this residence, then by all means visit this link and catch up. 

The Phantom Car (<--link))

My mother was home alone. Her grandson had told her he would not be home until the next day, as he was away for the night. She locked the house up and went to bed near midnight.

Her bedroom is on the downstairs level and due to multiple layers of paint over the years, the old creaky bedroom door does not close all the way. She had just turned out the light and reports she was definitely not asleep yet, when she could see car headlights shining into the house through the dining room windows. 

The only time this happens is when her grandson comes home late at night, as he parks very close to the front step. He is the only person who parks that close to the house. Other family members and visitors always park in other sections of the driveway. He is also the only person who would ever arrive there at that time of night.

She assumed he changed his mind about spending the night elsewhere and had come home. She realized he might not be able to get in the house, as she has several very good locks that are secured from the inside. She thought about this, thinking he might ring the doorbell when he realized he was locked out. But that didn’t happen.

What did happen was while the car headlights were shining in through the window to the dining room, she heard movement out in the kitchen. She called out her grandson’s name, but there was no answer. Shortly after that, she could see a faint light moving around the dining room. She called out again, “Is anyone there?” No answer. 

Then as quickly as it all began, the lights and noises were gone.

She got out of bed and made her way to the kitchen, put on the light and looked around. She checked all of the door locks and realized nothing had been touched. She looked out the kitchen door window but there was no car.

She called it a night and went back to bed.

In the morning, she checked everything again but is absolutely positive no real human had been around. She mentioned to me that she thought it was the phantom car. 

The whole situation leaves a lot of questions:

1. An intruder would most likely never drive right up to the front doorstep. There is only one person who ever does that and he was not home.

2. An intruder would most likely not shine their car headlights directly into the house like that. You would think they would slink around trying to gain entry inconspicuously.

3. An intruder did not gain entry into the house as all doors and windows were still secured thereafter.

4. Nothing was out of place, upset or missing.

5. So who or what was in the kitchen and then the dining room?

6. And who is driving that phantom car around?

While my mother and I were discussing this incident, it reminded me of something similar that happened in that house to me and my brother.

We were pretty young but old enough to be left home alone, so I may have been around 11 and my brother was maybe 13. Our parents had gone out for the evening and we were home by ourselves. I remember it was dark and we saw a car drive in the driveway. I became slightly alarmed because no adults were there but figured it was someone to visit our mom and dad and they would leave again once they were told they weren’t home.

Back then, my father used to drive his car towards the back door sometimes and over time the long driveway kind of became naturally longer due to him doing this. On this particular night, the car in question drove around by the back doorstep instead of parking out front like the rest of the world would do. Then the headlights went out. With a bit of trepidation, we waited for someone to knock (I assumed it would be on the back door, which also no one ever did) as that was where the car was parked.

The knock never came. 

We weren’t quite sure what to do at this point. Who drives up to the back of someone’s house and then never gets out of the car?? The thought of how weirdly unusual this was started to really freak us out so one of us (probably me but I can’t say for sure as it was a long time ago) decided to call a friend of the family. I don’t know if we expected him to come over. He lived about fifteen minutes away but at least we were in contact with an adult who might know what to do. I don’t remember much about the phone call other than describing what was happening. And I don’t really recall how it ended—if we finally saw the car drive away or our parents came home and it just wasn’t there anymore.

I know we were extremely glad when our parents finally returned. We told them what happened but they had no explanation other than to assume someone had come to visit our father, sat there for awhile, assumed he wasn’t home and then left. But I don’t think people really do that. No one ever mentioned to our parents that they came by and sat in their car for awhile one night.

I thought about this incident once in awhile growing up but shrugged it off as just “one of those things”.

Up until this point, I always thought it was a real person doing something really weird. But when my mother told me her recent tale of the phantom car showing up in the night, she said, “I think that’s what happened to you and your brother all those years ago.”

It surely is a possibility. I had never thought of it in that context before until she said it.

The phantom car strikes again!

And again.

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