Sunday, November 26, 2017

What does a ghost have to do to get a cup of coffee around here?!

Yesterday we visited my mother’s house, the one this blog is written about. My mother, my son and I were sitting in the kitchen having a discussion about a vehicle my son wants to buy. The pantry is connected to the kitchen. It was daylight, sunny and everything in the pantry was clearly visible.

I was facing the direction of the pantry. My son sort of had his back to it.

Suddenly, we heard a noise in the pantry. I looked in there, and Scott turned around to see what was going on. There is a shelf in there with hooks attached underneath which holds coffee mugs. There’s probably twelve or so. The hooks are very sturdy and the mugs have hung there for many years.

When Scott and I diverted our attention to what was happening, we clearly saw the mug on the far left in mid air, on its way to falling to the floor. It hit the shelving unit underneath it, then hit the floor.

No other mugs were even moving. The mug that somehow jumped UP off the hook did not even collide with the others that are very close to it. A mug moving upwards (with no human intervention) to come off of a hook is not an easily explainable event. Skeptics could argue the hook was loose and the mug just fell but that would be impossible as the mug handle rests DOWN onto the hook. And the hook was still well attached when I inspected it afterwards.

Scott and I just stared at the scene unfolding, thinking “what in the hell just happened?” I think my mother saw what happened but she doesn’t get too concerned over this stuff anymore. I picked the mug up and put it back on its hook.

What’s even stranger is this exact same thing happened many years ago when relatives were visiting. They were in the kitchen and watched this same event unfold, as a mug came off its hook and ended up on the floor.

Of all the weirdo stuff that happens there, I get most intrigued by these events that I see happen when there are witnesses. And yesterday, there were two.

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