Thursday, October 12, 2017

Launch of the Newsletter

The first official newsletter for N.S.P.E. was launched on October 1, 2017. Many of you, my eager readers, received it and so far the feedback has been encouraging.

Why make a newsletter, you ask?

In that first edition, I answered that question.

The blog itself was created out of a need to record events, happenings and unusual activity in an old creaky house that is just shy of 150 years and luckily, has stayed in my family for all of those years. I would never want the memories to be gone and forgotten. Therefore, this blog you are reading was born. Plus, it opens the door for intriguing discussions on various paranormal topics. We all want the answers to what goes bump in the night.

So then it occurred to me that an informative, yet succinct newsletter with a creepy topic sent out to subscribers would also be a great way to introduce things that may be of paranormal interest, but aren't covered in-depth on the blog.

 So the first edition was born.

I aim to keep the newsletter fairly simple, yet interesting and hopefully encourage people to think just a little bit more about an unusual topic they otherwise wouldn't read about every day.

Naturally, you go to your favorite news websites for daily updates and to Facebook for social online interaction. I want the Nova Scotia Paranormal Events blog
to be the place you go for all that is weird and unexplained or you just feel like you want a good case of the "heebie-jeebies".
We have changed our distribution of the newsletter as of December 2017. 

Currently, and going forward, the newsletters will be posted to:

Please join us there regularly to keep up with informative, paranormal subjects!

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