Saturday, November 24, 2012

Meanwhile, At The Neighbors....

This particular incident took place at the home of a relative of my mother's a few years ago. Her house is also in Lunenburg County,Nova Scotia, just up the hill from my mother's. And although that house was also very old and had a few ghost sightings in it, that is not what this blurb is about.

The relative (let's call her " Amelia") lived alone in a huge two story house. She had lived there her entire life and at the time this happened, she was probably in her late seventies, but was still perfectly healthy, sane and normal.

Amelia's very good friend (let's call her Joyce, because that was actually her name) was at death's door in the hospital in the next town. Joyce was elderly and had ended up in the hospital and was expected to not live too much longer.

One particular night, Amelia was just getting into bed. Her bedroom was on the second floor. She happened to glance out the window into the darkness and there was Joyce, hovering in mid-air, smiling and waving at Amelia.

(I know this is hard to believe but it is the God's- honest- truth. Amelia never made up a story in her entire life.)

Anyway, the next morning, Amelia got the dreaded phone call informing her that Joyce had died in the night.

I guess she had come by on her way to the after-life to say farewell. 

Incidentally, Amelia is the relative I mentioned in another post who on occasion comes to me in dreams to tell me the things she is up to on the "other side". Amelia passed away in 2006. 

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