Monday, March 12, 2012

Today's Haunted Incident

Today we went to visit my mom at her house, which of course as you know by now, is haunted. I have two incidents to report.

The first did not happen today but my mother told me that about two weeks ago she was sitting in the living room watching tv with my brother. Suddenly, she felt "something" hit her in the eye. She said it wasn't anything hard or rigid but felt more like something soft as if someone might have balled up a paper napkin and tossed it at her face. It did not hurt her, only startled her immensely. She could not see anything that would have caused this, and quickly looked in my brother's direction in case he had seen anything weird happening, but he was asleep in the chair.

The second incident took place today and actually happened to me. Shaun, myself and the two kids were in the kitchen with my mother. It was after supper and we were getting ready to leave when I had to use the bathroom. I laid my cell phone down on the kitchen table right beside Shaun so I would not forget to bring it with me when I left. I was in the bathroom for only a minute but when I came out of the bathroom the phone was not where I had left it on the table. Of course, I questioned everyone but no one had seen the phone. We all looked all around the kitchen for the phone but it was nowhere to be found. (Half jokingly, I said out loud," OK, Willie, you can bring my phone back." If you don't know who Willie is, scroll back to some first posts on here)

My son, Scott decided to send a text message from his phone to mine so we could listen for the "alert" tone my phone makes for incoming messages. Immediately we heard it ringing from the dining room. We found the phone in a coat pocket ( not my coat) that was hanging on a dining room chair.

I had not even been in that room with my phone.

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