Monday, August 29, 2011


Last year at my work, I began finding pennies in the strangest places.

Sometimes single ones, sometimes 2 or 3 together. They would be on shelves, on floorstands in the store, in my locker, the lunch room table, on the floor...really in odd places. Even on my doorstep at home. And I would find maybe as many as 10 in one day. At first it was sporadic---One day I'd find some, the next day, none, then some more the day after that. 

Eventually, it increased to where I was finding them every day. I didn't specifically look for them...they were just popping up wherever I was. 

These places might not seem that odd to you, but they seemed to be penny-free one minute and then the next I looked, there'd be a penny there.

I know in the past I mentioned on here that I did not really believe in the powers of the Ouija board anymore, but one day just for fun at my mother's house, we were messing around with it and right away it started talking about the pennies. To make a long story short, my brother who passed away when I was a baby, indicated that he was the one leaving the pennies around for me.

I thought a lot about this and so to "test" this theory, I asked out loud one evening that if he were truly leaving pennies for me, could he please leave a large amount of them, like piles of them, and then I would know that this was probably true.

About 2 days later, I was at work, but in the back stock room when my manager called me out front. She said a customer came up to the counter with a bag of pennies, saying she found them out in front of the store. Not knowing what else to do with them, she brought them in to us.

(Who would do that?? If you find money like that, wouldn't you either just keep it or leave it alone? I don't think I would turn it in at a store---after all, they are just pennies, not hundred dollar bills.)

My manager alarmingly handed them to me (I had been telling her for weeks about the penny thing happening to me). There tied up in a small clear plastic bag was about 50 pennies.
I still have them...and I have thanked my brother!

P.S. You may think my manager was playing a joke on me and she brought the bag of pennies herself, but she believes in all things weird and strange, plus she did not know I had asked to receive a pile of pennies. She was beside herself with bewilderment when a bag of pennies showed up!

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