Sunday, August 28, 2011

Man in a Human Suit

A few years ago, while at my mother's house one morning, I heard my mother calling me from downstairs and when I went down to see what she wanted there was a very unusual man at the front door. 

I hesitate to call him that because he just didn't look right. When I think about how to describe him, I think I can sum it up by saying his hair, skin and clothes were sort of on sideways. 

Wow that sounds ridiculous ( I am laughing but let me tell you I didn't find it funny at the time..and my mom was scared to death). 

It wasn't that he was unkempt exactly. It seemed almost like he put on a "human suit" that morning and zipped it up and he just wasn't inside of it very well. I realize this makes very little sense but i don't know how else to say it. 

Anyway, he looked at me immediately and said he ran out of gas and asked if I could I take him down to the gas station to get some. 

I peered past him and saw his car sitting on the shoulder of the road. Then I told him No, but he could wait in his car while I went and got the gas for him. 

He agreed and handed me 10 dollars and went off to wait.

I got a gas jug from the shed, drove and got the gas. When I got back, he poured it in the car, spilling at least half of it all over the road. He didn't seem all that dexterous. I was surprised he even knew where to put the gas. 

He told me to keep the change, and he left.

My mother and I had a huge discussion about him. She said she never saw anyone look like that, and we both agreed he could possibly have been an alien or something. GULP.
I agree something was way wrong. My instinct knew immediately something was not right. 

And to get to our house, he would have had to drive right past the gas station. Why didn't he get gas then? 

Looking back, I remember the minute I first laid eyes on him and my instinct kicked in telling me something was definitely wrong with the whole situation.

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  1. This story creeps me out more than any other story you tell. brrrr!